Hotel la Boheme Caceres. Hotel de charme

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Plaza Mayor s/n

10003 Cáceres

Tel: (34) 927.21.73.51

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Cáceres is, of course, a UNESCO World Heritage city thanks to its architectural patrimony.

XVth century palaces, churches and Arab cistern are, indeed, unique in the world, but if you want to discover the true soul of Cáceres you must know the history of the families who once resided, noble families such as Carvajal, Golfines (of above and below), Ovando and alliances and betrayals that marked the lives for several generations.

The Jews, bound by the prohibition of owning land making trades as silversmiths, tailors, doctors.

And the Moors, famous traders and architects who were transmitting their knowledge many years after his official expulsion.

In Hotel La Bohème we will help you discover that Cáceres, relax and let yourself go.