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Visit Trujillo is a real trip back in time with a amazing preserved heritage.

The trip begins in the ninth century with the Arab citadel, fortress from where Muslims defended their hegemony over these lands for centuries.

Conquered and reconquered several times, as all the towns in the region, Trujillo don't find peace with the Christian victory, as the intrigues for the succession of the crown of Castile live here an important episode when Juana la Beltraneja, rival direct queen Isabella, refuge in town.

It was the discovery of America brought wealth to the town, and especially the most famous of the conquistadors, Francisco Pizarro, who at the expense of American Indians Trujillo bequeathed to one of the most beautiful palaces of the Renaissance.

And in this great History, many other exploits, legends, revenge and mysteries waits the curious traveler to be discovered in Trujillo.